Our Mission

Mohammadia Tibbia College And Assayer Hospital is located in Nashik district of Maharashtra. Mohammadia Tibbia College Andharashtra.



We offer a range of diagnostic services for our specialists and for referring doctors.

These services are owned by the doctors and the quality of these services is constantly monitored by the doctors, ensuring services of the highest quality. We are proud to offer a diagnostic service for any doctors who wish to refer patients for just this component of care. Consultation with one of our specialists is not necessary if all you require is a diagnostic test for your patient.

Diagnostic Services at Assayer Hospitals perform testing and/or therapeutic activities. We're proud to provide state-of-the-art, accredited services in all of our diagnostic areas.

Some of Our Diagnostic Services are :

Pathology (Laboratory)
Sonography (USG)
XRay (Radiology)
Gatroenterology (Endoscopy)
At each of our diagnostic service locations you'll find friendly, knowledgeable staff. If you have questions or concerns about what they are doing, ask! They'll be happy to spend whatever time it takes to help you understand the procedure.

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