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Mohammadia Tibbia College And Assayer Hospital is located in Nashik district of Maharashtra. Mohammadia Tibbia College Andharashtra.



Guideline for a person undergoing or planning to undergo a medical treatment

Make sure patient has told all relevant facts to the doctor before deciding any treatment

Discuss with the doctor cost of the treatment. Please make sure the cost includes possbile complications.

During the treatment, if patient are not satisfied with any aspect and/or has doubts, seek clarification from the doctor.

Keep all receipts/reports/prescription/discharge card safely and keep extra copies.

After treatment clarify all doubts regarding bills/payment etc before discharge.

Involve patient's family physician in the discussion with the specialist doctor.

It is necessary and correct to discuss with the concerned doctor all the doubts before resorting to any legal action. Many of the complications/delays/mishaps in any medical treatment can be genuine.

In case Patient require expert medical advice regarding the legitimacy of Patient's complaint about medical malpractice or deficiency in service Patient may approach the Medical Supritendent of the hospital.

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