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Madrasa Mohammadia Lil Banat, Akot

Jamia Mohammadia Education Society (JMES) president Arshad Mukhtar laid the foundation stone of Masjid Fatima and Madrasa Ahle Hadees December 10, 2010 at Aakot in Maharashtra.

After the foundation stone laying ceremony JMES president Arshad Mukhtar and other dignitaries highlighted the importance of education and the Masajid.

JMES president Arshad Mukhtar, who presided over the function, urged the audience to understand the reason behind the construction of Masajid and duty of a Muslim towards these holy places.

"I we perform prayers properly and in line with the guidelines laid in the Quran and the Sunnah, there is no reason why we will not remain away from evils. But, this is a tragic fact that we perform prayers but not the way they deserve. The result is that we do not get what Allah has promised in return", he said while delivering the presidential address.

Earlier, the dignitaries addressed the girl students of the Madrasa Mohammadia lil Banaat and advised them to acquire knowledge and follow the Quran and the Sunnah.

"To acquire knowledge, one has to work hard. Once we do this, then Allah, the Almighty will automatically bestow on us His blessings", said Ameer -e- Jamiat Ahle Hadees, Mumbai Maulana Ab Salam Salafi in his address to the girl students of Madrasa Mohammadia-lil-Banaat.

Jamia Mohammadia Education Society (JMES) will complete both the projects in association with Idara Islahul Masajid wal Madaris - one of the group organisations of JMES, which looks towards renovation and construction of Masajid and Madaris.

Others who were present in the function include Maulana Ansar Zubair, Ameer-e-Jamiat Ahle Hadees, Malegaon Shakeel Ah Faizee, Gen Sec Jamiat Ahle Hadees Maharashtra Maulana Abu Rizwan Mohammadi and host of other office bearers of Vidarbha Jamiat Ahle Hadees local units.

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