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Mohammadia Urdu Primary School, Dhule

It is from Malegaon through the establishment of Jamia Mohammadia, Mansoora in 1978 that Jamia Mohammadia Education Society (JMES) began its journey towards becoming a household name in the field of education in India and abroad.

The Malegaon centre of Jamia Mohammadia Education Society (JMES) is located at the outskirt of Malegaon - the Muslim dominated textile town in North Maharashtra. Very close to the bank of the Girna River, the centre is spread over 56 acres of land.

To lay the foundation stone of this institution in May 1978 was held a grand conference, which was attended by scholars, dignitaries and community leaders from all across the world. In the presence of thousands of people and amid special prayers, renowned scholar Shaikhul Hadees Maulana Obaidulla Mubakpuri laid the foundation stone.

The institutes that the Malegaon centre has includes Jamia Mohammadia for boys, Kulliya Aisha Siddiqua for girls, Mohammadia Tibbia College, As Sayer Hospital & Research Centre and Diploma in English Language & Literature.

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