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The Founder  
JMES Founder Late Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed Nadvi in 2001

Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed Nadvi (1930-2007)
Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed Nadvi, the founder of Jamia Mohammadia Education Society, is remembered in India and abroad for his leadership qualities, commitment to serve the humanity and his vision for the empowerment of the beleaguered Indian people specially the Muslims through quality and modern education.


After his birth in 1930 at Maunath Bhanjan, a small North Indian town in Uttar Pradesh, he acquired basic and advanced education in renowned Muslim institutes of the time including Darul Uloom Nadvatul Ulema, Lucknow. In 1950after he completed his education and till September 09, 2007 when he breathed his last, his entire life was devoted for the empowerment of poor and needy through education.

In 1975, he established a state of the art education campus in Malegaon, a Muslim dominated town 300 kms to Mumbai, and to carry his mission further he founded Jamia Mohammadia Education Society (JMES) in 1978. The foundation of this society was the first step towards establishment of a great Islamic University on the Indian soil with a miraculous amalgamation of Islamic and Modern subjects. This was the time when teaching modern subjects to the people was considered a taboo, but Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed Nadvi went ahead with his dream mission and soon, the small institution that was established under a very challenging situation got transformed into a huge complex. Encourage by this success, Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed Nadvi very soon decided to spread his wings and opened branched at Maunath Bhanjan, Dhule, Akot and Bangalore in quick succession.

 Known for his grit and commitment, Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed's services were not limited just here. He was at the forefront of various national and international organisations and played a pivotal role in important policy decisions. Besides being a good orator, he was also a good writer and regularly edited two monthly magazines and also wrote dozens of books and hundreds of articles on important topics.

On September 09, 2007 in the evening he died at his residence in Mumbai and left behind a long list having a chain of educational institutions, hundreds of mosques, and a strong foundation for his successors to carry on his mission.   

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